Crossing 900
July 22, 2013
This is a promotional video that was produced by the developer of an office project that I have been working on. It not only shows off this great project, but Downtown Redwood City also. This project, which will infill a surface parking lot right next to our train station, recently broke ground this fall.

Placemaking in the Silicon Valley (Audio Only)
June 21, 2013
San Jose, California

This is a second interview with Russ Hancock for Inside Silicon Valley. The great Bruce Liedstrand, former City Manager of Mountain View, is also interviewed.

The Renaissance of Downtown Redwood City
April 12, 2013
San Jose, California
This is an interview with the great Russ Hancock of Joint Venture Silicon Valley for his weekly radio show, Inside Silicon Valley, set to pictures to help tell the story of the dramatic rebirth of Downtown Redwood City.

Delightful Density
June 5, 2012
Vancouver, BC, Canada
This is a version of my Delightful Density presentation, in which I make the case for strategically increasing housing density in key locations in order improve our economy and environment and to provide choices for underserved portions of the market. Most importantly, I show how to do it in a way that people will love. This version is shorter, and really drives the point home in a quick way for those of you who are in a hurry. 

Delightful Density
November 5, 2009
Palo Alto, California
This is the full version of Delightful Density, which provides more detail for those who need it. It also features the full version of my popular Guess the Density game. I use this game to help people understand that not all dense buildings are bad, not all low density buildings are good, and you can't tell how dense something is by looking at it.

Redwood City Housing Boom
June, 2012
CBS 5, San Francisco
This is a story from the local CBS affiliate about the housing boom underway in Redwood City, which I'm proud to have had a lot to do with.

Redwood City Courthouse Square
I'm not in this video, but it highlights many of the Downtown revitalization projects that I have worked on during my time with Redwood City.

Redwood City Parking Management Plan
June 14, 2007
Oakland, CA

In this presentation, which begins about 1/4 of the way through the video, I explain Redwood City's innovative Downtown parking plan, how it was working at the time, and the lessons that we had learned as we were at the early stages of implementing big changes to improve a problem which vexes all cities.